Back and neck pain during sex

Back and neck pain during sex may be caused by many different things. Too much lifting, bending, reaching, housework, driving, office work, or stress are common causes of back and neck pain. However, there is one thing that often brings people to the doctor or chiropractor’s office, but is not often talked about in public. [...]

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4 Ways To Make Your Chiropractor Your Friend

For many of us who have had to seek the help of a chiropractic specialist, it can seem a bit daunting and intimidating. This may be because of the type of injury we’ve suffered, or even with the psychological vulnerability of having to share and discuss our pain with someone else. But regardless of what [...]

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Dealing With Foot Discomfort

Foot discomfort is something that over 75% of people experience at some point in their lives and it is certainly an aggravating experience for every single one of them. Dealing with this foot discomfort can be difficult due just how much you’re on your feet on any given day. Even the slightest bit of foot [...]

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What a Top Notch Physiotherapist Can Do For You

Working with a top notch physiotherapist can be a blessing for patients that are experiencing an injury or ailment to any part of their body. Along with their ability to properly diagnose an injury, they can also provide the type of treatment options that allow for more comfort for the patient. This, combined with their [...]

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Dealing With Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are one of the most difficult sports injuries to deal with because they tend to bother patients much longer than the initial recovery period. This can create a frustrating dilemma for athletes that would like to return to their full functioning ability as soon as possible. The sports medicine Richmond Hill has to [...]

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Treating Victims of Car Accidents

Being involved in a car accident, or any motor vehicle accident can be a life changing experience for many victims. The period directly after the accident can be an incredibly trying time that involves a great deal of pain and suffering. Fortunately, there are options available for almost all victims that can help them get [...]

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Seasonal Affairs with Footwear May Be Cause of Leg and Back Pain

Dr. Allan Horowitz, published newspaper article, The Toronto Star, Copyright October 4, 1990 Now that autumn is here, it’s time for women to start complaining about mysterious foot, ankle, leg and back pains. Perfectly healthy women are waking up with cramps and muscle spasms in the back of their legs. Their feet are tired, their backs [...]

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Hot or Cold? It Depends on the Injury

Dr. Allan Horowitz, published newspaper article, The Toronto Star, Copyright May 22, 1989 Ice or heat? You’ve probably been faced with that question at some time-likely after a particularly vigorous aerobics class, or sprained ankle, or on a rainy, cool day when every bone in your body seems to ache. Your grandmother always told you to [...]

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Metro Students Learn Back Care During Spinal Health Week

Dr. Allan Horowitz, published newspaper article, The Toronto Star, Copyright May 1, 1989 If you and your children have never given much thought to your spines, this may be the week to begin. Today is the beginning of Spinal Health Week. The idea is to get elementary school children to start thinking about taking care of [...]

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