Since 1982 we have treated all types of patients, of all ages and backgrounds:

Several National Hockey League players (6 members of the Toronto Maple Leafs)
“Mr. Universe” – World Bodybuilding Champion
Olympic athletes ( Including gold medal winners)
Several Canadian and World Champion athletes (Figure Skating, Curling, Trampoline and Tumbling)
Club Chiropractor for many Dance Studios, Ballet Schools, Gymnastics Clubs, Soccer Leagues, Hockey Teams, Swim Clubs, Etc.
Chiropractor for the 1997 Canadian Senior Curling Championships
Chiropractor for the 2000 Special Olympics
Chiropractor for several “National Ballet” dancers
Chiropractic consultant for a multidisciplinary headache and neck pain clinic which is operated by a team of Neurologists (Nerve Specialists) and Pain Management Specialists
Our patients include at least 100 Medical Doctors (General Practitioners and Specialists) and at least 20 other Chiropractors

There are four main types of patients we treat:

Those that have been injured and are seeking treatment to alleviate their pain.
Those that have a chronic pain, not cause by a specific injury, which they would like to have diagnosed and “cured”.
Patients who have been successfully treated in categories number 1 and 2 above and want to continue to come in periodically to ensure their problem doesn’t return.
Totally healthy patients who don’t have pain, and have never had pain, and want to have chiropractic care to ensure good spinal health and fitness and to prevent injuries from occurring.

* Most of our patients are referred to us by their General Medical Practitioner, their Medical Specialists (Rheumatologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, Neurologist, Pain Consultant, Physiatrist, Dentist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Podiatrist, or Rehab Specialist), or by a family member or friend.