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Almost everything you ever wanted to know about acupuncture in Richmond Hill!

The word acupuncture literally means “to puncture with a needle” and comes from the Latin “acus” which means needle, and “puncture” which means puncture. Acupuncture is a method of stimulating certain points on the body by inserting special needles to modify the perception of pain or to normalize certain physiologic functions in the body. Relief [...]

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Everyone has back pain! What can you do about yours!

Back pain affects us all. Well, that’s not quite accurate. Statistics show that 80% of people will have at least one significant episode of back pain in their lives. Who are these other 20% and why are they so lucky? No one knows for sure. There are definitely some predisposing factors to having back pin. [...]

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What you didn’t know about chiropractic in Richmond Hill

Dr. Allan Horowitz started his chiropractic practice in Richmond Hill in 1982. At that time there were several other chiropractors in Richmond Hill, however, the three that seemed to be the busiest, and the ones that people seemed to like the most were, Dr. Harold Melsness, Dr. Arthur Broad, and Dr. Tom Summers. Dr. Horowitz [...]

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Headaches. What you should know about yours!

Most people suffer from headaches from time to time throughout their life. Headaches are judged and graded based on three factors; frequency, duration and intensity. Some people have frequent headaches, maybe even daily headaches. Others might only have a headache once or twice a year. Some forms of headaches, such as cluster headaches are very [...]

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Female physiotherapist in Richmond Hill!

A physiotherapist is someone who is trained to diagnose and treat conditions of the muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments. They undergo extensive training to become a registered physiotherapist and are fully regulated by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. Because a physiotherapist is a highly trained professional they are blind when it comes to [...]

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Almost everything you ever wanted to know about physiotherapy in Richmond Hill!

A physiotherapist is someone who examines, diagnoses, and treats neuromusculoskeletal conditions. In simple terms they treat conditions of the muscles, nerves, bones, joints, tendons and ligaments. They treat neck and back pain, shoulder and arm pain, hip, knee, foot and ankle pain. They treat any condition that causes pain or disability in the bones, joints [...]

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Sciatica is a common, yet very treatable condition. Don’t listen to those that say “live with it!”

The sciatic nerve is the nerve that comes from the lower part of the spinal cord where its “roots” exit the spine and form into the largest nerve in the body. This nerve can become inflamed, irritated, pinched, squeezed, trapped, bruised, or diseased. When this nerve is irritated in any of these ways an abnormal [...]

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Chiropractic and physiotherapy clinic open 7 days a week

Most chiropractic clinics are open several, or all weekdays. Some are open on Saturdays. There is only one Richmond Hill chiropractic and physiotherapy clinic that is open 7 days a week. Dr. Horowitz & Associates is open Monday to Friday from either 9am or 8am (check the website for details) and is open until 7pm [...]

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