Dr. Allan Horowitz started his chiropractic practice in Richmond Hill in 1982. At that time there were several other chiropractors in Richmond Hill, however, the three that seemed to be the busiest, and the ones that people seemed to like the most were, Dr. Harold Melsness, Dr. Arthur Broad, and Dr. Tom Summers. Dr. Horowitz was the newcomer in Richmond Hill in 1982. Unfortunately Dr. Melsness passed away, Dr. Summers retired and moved to cottage country up north, and Dr. Broad just got too old to work effectively on patients. Dr. Broad ended up becoming a patient of Dr. Horowitz’s, and many of Dr. Broad’s patients ended up as Dr. Horowitz’s patients. When they would call the elderly and retired Dr. Broad for an appointment he would tell them that he no longer is practicing, but there is a new chiropractor in town, and he would pass along Dr. Horowitz’s number. In a very similar way, after Dr. Melsness passed away, his widow Joan needed a chiropractor. She ended up seeing Dr. Horowitz for her treatments. As a result, whenever one of her husband’s patients would call her asking her for advice regarding a new chiropractor, Joan would send them to Dr. Horowitz. Dr. Allan Horowitz has now been practicing in Richmond Hill for 37 years. He runs a thriving practice that is very different than the practices of those Richmond Hill chiropractors that came before him. They had one treatment room. He has five. They worked alone. His clinic has four chiropractors, one physiotherapist and three acupuncturists. They didn’t even have a secretary. He has an office manager and a clinical assistant. They worked a few hours a day, a few days a week. His clinic is open seven days a week, including opening at 8 am and remaining open until 7pm. There are now chiropractors all throughout Richmond Hill. They are in medical buildings and malls and strip plazas and home based practices. There are many choices with regard to style of practice, languages spoken, hours open, fees charged, and training and philosophy of the chiropractor. Dr. Allan Horowitz has taken all of the good from the “old time” Richmond Hill chiropractors, blended it with the modern day training, education, and philosophy, and created a clinic that is modern, efficient, friendly, effective, and convenient and obviously this recipe has worked. The clinic has been a Richmond Hill landmark since 1982, and is still growing, although is not losing any of its old style charm. The clinic is now called “Dr. Allan Horowitz & Associates”. Working at the clinic are Dr. Adrian Chow, Dr. Janet Ho, Dr. Sigmund Kaw, and Michelle Chen, who is the physiotherapist. Susan is the office manager. Sami is the assistant office manager. Grace is the clinical assistant. Chiropractic in Richmond Hill goes back a long way. Long before Dr. Broad and Dr. Melsness, and certainly long before Dr. Horowitz. With Dr. Allan Horowitz & Associates, the tradition of respected chiropractors in Richmond Hill continues.